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I transform your content directly into other language

My goal is to turn your content into the language you need so you can reach further audiences with your message.


I carefully read the source text to make sure I clearly understand even the most complicated and technical of texts.

Every word, every expression has its purpose and reason d’être and I carefully select the exact words, so they match 100% what you are saying in the original text. I do not hesitate to contact experts if it is necessary.

mY LANGUAGE Services

Medical Translation

Did you know that Medical Translation is one of the fields with more responsibility? 

We cannot make mistakes when people’s health it’s at stake. 

That is why you must make sure the translator in charge of your project is a professional in the field and is familiar with the medical jargon and its technicalities.

I work on Medical Translations since I graduated from my Medical Translation Master in 2016.

I translate all kind of medical documents, but I am more experienced in: 

Marketing Translation and Transcreation


Your digital profile is an extension of your company or your brand and often it is the first stop of a potential client or customer. 


My approach to translation of digital marketing content goes beyond the mere translation job as I work keeping in mind SEO research for positioning, searcher intent, and user-friendliness.

Your content needs to be translated with the target audience in mind.

I work with you to ensure, not only that your message gets across to other cultures, but that it resonates with them, generating leads and engagement that will turn into business opportunities for you.

What types of digital contents I translate the most?:

Technical Translation

Technical language needs someone that understands its objectivity, coherence and precision. 

For that reason, as a Translator specialized in technology, I am familiar with technical writing and I stay updated on the advancements. I always work with SDL Trados to ensure quality and terminological consistency throughout the project, and I have the necessary research skills to find even the most complex of terms that can’t be found in glossaries.

I work in different fields, from engineering to software, but I enjoy more working on innovation and new technologies.


The technical translations I work on more often are:

Spanish proofreading

I meticulously proofread your texts so you don’t miss any small mistake in your publications.

I specialize in proofreading of Spanish text (my native language) and I check original works as well as translations. 


What types of revisions I offer?: